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instead of preparing for school... im blogging about HYD, shesh.. i don't think i'll ever get tired of that. i''l take JiYong and GaEul over thermochermistry in any day....

in all honesty i dont remember JiYong- GaEul pair to have these much moment togother, or maybe its just my faulty memory.....

(intense stare, God just get it over with... be with each other already!!!)

Since i will be late for school, i'dd do the screencaps tom.

i'll just list that caused my death...

001. JunPyo is an exhibitionist. ~lolz.
002. Jandi's expression when junpyo was taking his clothes off (please, i dont want to see this kinda look but deep inside she doeas..  just kidding!!)
003. Ultimate playboy at work. (Ji yong asked gaeul if she needs help with the sunblock--- teh master of sunblock putting aka mr. playbok,)
004. YO YO YO MAN.
005. My night in shinning armor. Jihoo saves jandi.
006. Junpyo's feeling of helplessness over the situation... he's retreating back is just to painful to watch.
007. Jihoo has gone emo!
008. The look he (Jihoo) gave the litle girl.. awwwwww.
009. "YOU LIKE JUN PYO??" come on JiYong you can do better than that.
010. Nice fireworks.
011. The im looking at you, but the other party doesn't know and vise vesa. FTW!!
012. JunPyo is so sweet with "Cheap stuff looks good on you" HAHAHA
013. The LOVE TRIANGLE. my favorite scene of all the 3fandoms is this one..
014. They went horseback riding. Jiyong and Gaeul. (na estepwera na si Jandi and Junpyo.-- sino bang OTP ko?!?! ~lolz)
015. Jihoo's incredible fashion sense. (Damn natalo pa nya ung floral shirt ni Junpyo)
016. Jihoo and Jandi went fishing -- sweet, but Jiyong and Gaeul's boat ride is WAY BETTER
017. They(JiYong and GaEul) talk about soulmates... (wonder who plays Jiyong's first love here... hmmm...)


018. JunPyo's Heart broke. Jihoo gave JunPyo Jandi's bracelent//anklet.
019. JunPyo is Spaced out during the entire game, he gets smashed by a ball in the face. (poor Junpyo, who can't blame him)
020. The kayaking scene was hilarious... (Go, JunPyo ~lolz)
021. JunPyo is THE MASTER OF EVENTS. he takes Jandi for a heli ride.. 
022. HEART + "If I ever found a girl that I liked, I promised myself I would bring her here" OMG thats so sweeeeeeeeet.
023. THEY KISS.  (damn she gets to kiss hyun joong ~sorry, certified triple speaking)
024. My heart broke together with JunPyo... aigoo, the betrayal.
025. When Jandi's was drawing JunPyo's, she was silently crying. so sad, i just wanna hug her and say.. well its your fault deal with it.. hahaha
026. Jihoo and Jiyong Man to man confronation. WOW!! (jiyong have i told you i love you, oh yes i have)


it took a while before i got the chance to update this,  school was taking a huge toll on me. plus i have a gazellion og things to do, it just sort of slipped my mind.

PS. sorry for the typo, i havent got the chance to proof read the entry, plus i haven't been sleeping so yeah. Brain Damage!!!!

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